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Theme parks and cenotes:


25 kilometers (27 minutes)

An ecological theme park and a natural aquarium. Swim with the dolphins, watch the sea turtles and snorkel amoung the tropical fish.

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19 kilometers (20 minutes)

An eco-archeological theme park with a restored Mayan site which showcases ancient ceremonies. It also offers some wildlife exhibits and it has an impressive evening show. If you are going to Xcaret you should plan to stay for the evening show.

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19 kilometers (17 minutes)

A nature park with limestone caves, grottos, and underground rivers. There are eleven zip lines which whisk visitors 2 kilometers through the jungle canopy. You will have the opportunity to snorkel, raft and ride on an ATV. This park can also be explored in the evening with fire torches glowing.

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Rio Secreto

16 kilometers (14 minutes)

This is a spectacular underground river that features thousands of colorful stalactites and stalagmites.

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Ecopark Kantun-Chi

7 Kilometers (7 Minutes)

Fantastic Cenote and cave tours. 4 cenotes, all quite different. Not too touristy, just simply authentic and fun. You can spend approx. 3-4 hours to see the cenotes and underground caves. It is clean, the grounds are plentyful and very natural. You can use the colectivo. It is a short walk from the highway (10 min)

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Xaman-Ha Aviary

20 kilometers north

An aviary showcasing of birds, butterflies, iguanas, turtles and other small mammals in their natural habitat.

Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve:

58 kilometers (49 minutes)

This 1.3 million-acre preserve is named after a Mayan phrase, ”Where the sky is born”. Discover the tropical beauty along the reef, the beach and a forest rich in colorful birds, flowers and wildlife.


72 kilometers (1 hour and 7 minutes)

Here you can fly through the tropical forest canopy along a thrilling zip line circuit. Then take a short ride and plunge into a cool, crystal-clean freshwater cenote.

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Xpu-Ha Beach

15 kilometers (16 min)

One of the Yucatan’s most beautiful beaches.

There are 2 entrances to Xpu-ha beach. Use the first one. You will pay 50 pesos per person but you can go to any beach club. If you eat at the restaurant there, keep your receipt and your entrance is refunded as you leave.

There is lots to do including kayaking, wind surfing and jet skiing. Perhaps you would like a message.

The staff are wonderful, food is amazing and the beach is to die for.

The Yucatan has the world’s longest underground rivers. There are several beautiful cenotes around Puerto Aventuras and south. You can see the signs along the highway. Crystalclear underground rivers and cathedral-like caverns connect these freshwater pools called cenotes. They are perfect for a refreshingly cool plunge, as well as snorkeling and diving.